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The Best Place For Both Experienced And Beginner Publishers. Take a look at the benifts you will get when you sign for a free account !


WP.P.N offers a lifelong free hosting for WordPress sites


You can enable any ad network of your choice on your site such as Adsense or Amazon Affiliate

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Domain Mapping

We offer domain mapping service free of charge you pick the domain name you want and give it to us and we will do the rest

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Powerfully simple

If you are an experienced web publisher or a publisher with no experience at all you still can use our network and start at maximum power

About us

So what is WordPress Public Network!
WP.P.N is a public network allows you to register your subdomain and add your content it also provides you with the WordPress CMS control panel which is very well known and easy to deal with this will be a very strong advantage as WordPress is a known system for a very long time now it has a lot of documentation and tutorials so you are never lost you’ll always be supported.
  • Enjoy our service - Free forever

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  • Looking forward to host more and more sites

  • Coming soon - free c-panel hosting